Lichee Pi Zero บอร์ดคอมพิวเตอร์ราคา 6 ดอลลาร์ รุ่น Wi-Fi 8 ดอลลาร์

Raspberry Pi Zero ดูจะประสบความสำเร็จในการวางมาตรฐานบอร์ดคอมพิวเตอร์ขนาดเล็กมากราคาถูกลง ล่าสุดผู้ผลิตบอร์ดจีนก็เปิดระดมทุนบอร์ด Linchee Pi ในราคาไม่รวมค่าส่ง 6 ดอลลาร์ ส่วนรุ่นพร้อม Wi-Fi ราคา 8 ดอลลาร์

ตัวบอร์ดใช้ชิป Allwinner V3s เป็น Cortex-A7 แรม 64MB มีช่องเสียบ micro SD

จุดเด่นอีกอย่างของโครงการนี้คือ Linchee Pi เตรียมออกบอร์ดเสริมอีกหลายอย่าง ทั้งบอร์ด mic array, ลำโพง, LoRa, กล้อง 5 ล้านพิกเซล, คีย์บอร์ดและจอยสติ๊ก

Top side of Zero:

left to right: RGB LED, MPU, TF SLOT, LCD backlight circuit, micro usb(OTG & Power)

Buttom side of Zero:

left to right: Touch Screen Controller, DCDC Power, on board SPI Flash, FPC40 RGB Connector.

Zero(44.6×25.5mm or 1.76×1.00inch ) compare to SD Card(32x24mm), it is pretty cute, right?

Generally speaking, small board, especially about SD-sized board, has unfriendlly connector.

for example, the intel edsion:

Its connector is impossible to solder by hands or connect to breadboard, and you have to buy the “breakout board”: edsion cost $37, and breakout board cost another $22, it is not a wise chioce obviously…

Well, Zero is well designed for the pin out, it is easy for DIYers:

  • 30 frequently-used pins output via 2.54mm (100mil) pins
  • two rows’ intwerval is 900mil, which means it can directly plug to breadboard !
  • other 30 unfrequently-used pins output via 1.27mm half-holes
  • 1.27mm half-holes also can be soldered to 2.54mm pins (half intwerval offset), it is easy to connect
  • on board FPC40 Connector can be connect to many peripherals (not only the lcd)

plug to breadboard(30 pins):

solder all 60 pins tactfully:

Zero can easily append wifi ability too.

Zero has customized “TF WiFi Card”, and it can be plug in to tf slot, or sloder to 2.54 pins (the pin order is well designed).

In the other hand, Zero is cute in power consume, so you needn’t prepare huge cooling fin for it : )
Zero consume about 90mA when run linux without LCD, it is pretty good. (it is run in 1GHz, you know STM32F4 consume 90mA in 168MHz…)

And the temperature is fine too, it is about 40℃ (run linux@1GHz, idle).

It raise to 63℃ after run cpu-burn program 5 minutes.
It is much better then Raspberry Pi (~80℃) or H3-based boards(~90℃, that’s terrible…)

Zero’s peripheral

Zero’s FPC40 Connector is useful:

you can connect it to RGB LCD:

you can connect it to VGA :

you can connect it to HDMI:

If you have idle laptop screen(LVDS), you can connect to it:

It even can connect to a DVP camera module!

or, you want more GPIO, it can extend 22 GPIOs, 2 ADC, and several power pins for you:

In addtion, Zero have Powerful Dock!

It has 5M MIPI carmera, 4 ADC-keys, battery manger, Ethernet RJ45 Connector, microphne, 3.5mm jack ,one more tf slot, and several pins for UART,SPI,I2C,PWM.

Behind TF slot, there is a PA slot, you can plug PA module in it:

several speakers is supported:

1W spearker,3W Speaker,and even bone conduction speaker!

The Docker support OLED and small size LCD, always cute : )

0.96 inch 128×64 OLED:

2.4 inch 240×320 TFT:

um… I know some of you guys want DIY it as a miniGameBoy, right?

Here is the joystick and key board:

(the offical version may change the button to make it more comfortable)

The Docker has several communication interfaces:

  1. Ethernet RJ45 connector
  2. TF Wifi Card Slot
  3. Lora Module (it is awesome RF module if you don’t know yet)

TF WiFi Card Plugs to Docker’s slot:

Lora Module on the buttom, and I provide an awesome LoRa Netgate for you, I will show you next section.

In addition, the fashsion Microphone Array is available too! (see next section)


Zero’s system & application example

We transplant newest linux 4.10 kernel for Zero!

And we verify several rootfs for Zero:

  1. buildroot:
    1. small&convenient, you can put the kernel&rootfs into 8MB SPI flash!
    2.  easy to expand: lua, python, nodejs, X, Qt…
    3. suit for professional maker or company
  2. debian
    1. debian system is supported! apt-get install all you want!
    2. able to run debian desktop!
    3. suit for most maker&DIYer
  3. Raspbian Jessie with pixel(experimental only)
    1. just for a try… it is surprise that Zero can run such a large system…
    2. Lichee Pi One is more suitable to run it.

Here is some application example:

  • DIY your mini “laptop”in 5min

Zero is cute, powerful and friendlly, you can easily DIY your works without professional tools like 3D-printer.

All you need is: A Lichee Pi Zero, A wireless keyboard, a Li-Polymer Battery, a simple holder, some tape.

thanks for zero’s FPC40 connector, you can directly connect it to LCD; then stick it to the back of LCD, as well as battery.

At last, stick holder behind wireless keyboard, and plug LCD in holder, finished!

The first version of Zero laptop:

You can package the screen with black tap, and it will be more compact.

In addtion, Lichee Pi One is also suitable:

Let’s turn off light and take look at it:


startx, running debian desktop!

open some windows:

you can see 800×480 LCD is much clearer than PocketChip’s 272×480 LCD!

Play some games:

Super Mario!



And the experiment of Raspbian Jessie with pixel:

More pictures for enjoy !

  • LoRa NetGate

We build an awesome LoRa Netgate with Zero:

(Note: current version is 137~525MHz, suit for China & Europe, USA’s 915 MHz version is considering)

  1. Its RF range is 15km in 20dbm(as same as normal wireles router’s) output power. can you image you can connect to your wireles router 15km away?
  2. We designed a private​ protocol for it, instead of LoRaWAN, why? LoraWAN chip is about $50 and the loraWAN module is more than $200!
  3. Our protocol is even better than LoRaWAN in many cases:
    1. Price: <$20, les than one-tenth of LoRaWAN gate module!
    2. Ad-Hoc Network
    3. Authority Management
    4. Seamless Switching between netgates
    5. Auto Disaster Recovery
    6. Support more than 10,000 node online!  (communication speed is limited by bandwidth)
  4. Also, we provide efficient cloud server interface for it
    1. one server supports up to 1,000,000 nodes without ssl, up to 100,000 with ssl

You can DIY your own IoT system, or even your own cell sites ( it sounds like AT&T)

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